The Autonomous Vehicle

This project was the bachelor project during my bachelor in engineering physics at KTH. The project was conducted during my semester abroad when I studied at Trinity College Dublin.

Project members: 3
Software used: Multisim, Eagle, Processing, Arduino

The project aimed to construct a self driven vehicle according to certain goals. The vehicle should be able to start up using XBee communication form our computer where we implemented a telemetry in Processing and then completely self going. It was able to follow a track of white tape, turn/speed up/speed down when facing certain ”road signs” that was represented by colors (this was done with a Pixy Cam) and being able to recognise gantries as it passed them on the way.

We implemented a line following equation by using Carnaugh Maps, then we designed the board in Multisim & Eagle before soldering the board. The telemetry was designed in Processing and the coding for the buggy was done using Arduino.

Full report can be seen here.